Compass strives to provides our insured clients the information to help them have a healthy & successful international experience. In addition to applying our experience and resources to this effort, the web provides a vast resource of excellent information. One objective of this page was to identify & locate the information or tools relevant to your needs


NIH has an extensive listing of health care information and resources at

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services “Healthfinder

Government health sites from other nations

Consumer health resources from NHS Direct (UK), Canadian Health Network (Canada) and HealthInsite (Australia)

Mayo Clinic


National Institute of Health “Medline Plus Presciption Information  An excellent summary of available prescriptions and their ingredients

Detailed Internet Drug Index, a drug name cross reference list  and

DrugDigest provides details of prescriptions, over the counter drugs and herbs. Find these at  &

The FDA’s Electronic Orange Book lists approved drug products with therapeutic equivalence evaluations.

If you need information about prescriptions outside the U.S., go to the in-country resources listed at  or .


The RX Search function at MyDoktor is an independently designed Database and contains authoritative and detailed information on over 3000 Prescription Pharmaceuticals agents with over 20,000 Trade Names. Basic information is drawn from the Manufactures' Product literature, textbooks in Medicine and Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical journals and literature. The home page is , you will then need to navigate to the RX Search page.

If you need a “translation” of name brands between countries that is not at MyDoktor, first obtain the generic name from the Electronic Orange book at and then go to the website of the “target” country at  or .


MEDLINEplus Alternative Medicine Page

MEDLINEplus Herbal Medicine Page

Information on Chinese Herbal Remedies

Information on Homeopathic Medicines

Information on Western Herbal Remedies

NIH Page Herbal Supplements: Consider Safety, Too


NEWS – Individualized Email updates by topic can be found at:

Google News Alerts

Reuters Health Information Services

CNN Health

Health World Online 



73 Languages

More limited languages, but broader translation terms (including sentence conversion) can be found at  and

Jet lag calculator